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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today, Never Been Lived Before turned two years old!  A big thank you to everyone who has stumbled upon us, hung around and commented.  This wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you.

How appropriate then, that I recently again saw Ani Difranco, my all time favorite musician and the namesake of this little blog, perform.  Suffice it to say that the show was fantastic, but one of my favorite parts of the evening took place pre-concert, when, as we stood outside the train station getting our directional bearings, I asked GF, "which way to the venue?"  She zeroed in on a couple of women and then quipped, "Just follow the lesbians".


  1. green with envy! love her music. and happy blog birthday.

  2. Happy blog birthday!
    Reminds me of the ABA lunch I went to recently. I was disoriented when I got out of the T station, and then I saw a bunch of tall men and one woman all wearing suits. I followed them and sure enough, they led me right to the lunch. I was very amused that it worked.

  3. Thanks CM! And thank goodness for helpful stereotypes! :)

  4. wow- 2 years already? Incredible!