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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The capstone island

Some of you might recall that in August 2011, Hurricane Irene thwarted the capstone trip that ex-GF and I had planned to close out the Summer of Isles vacation series.  I had prepaid for the hotel, and although it was non-refundable, in light of the storm I was permitted to re-book within a year.

After the sudden break-up, and as a baby step in my climb out of the depths of despair, I had to figure out what to do about that trip.  I ultimately invited an old friend who I've known for 20 years to come visit me in Pretty Big City and then accompany me to the capstone island.  Old Friend had given up way too may hours listening to me sob on the phone this past spring.  And she'd been through an even shittier year than me, having been diagnosed with breast cancer and undergone surgery, chemo and radiation.  I owed her an all expenses paid few days on a beautiful island, for sure.

We went in early August.  And although it was no longer the romantic getaway that I had initially envisioned, it was a great time.  The island was so beautiful that after a couple of days, our heads finally exploded.  At least that's what it felt like--every house, every street, every view was more beautiful than the next, and we almost couldn't take any more in.  And in all of that there were only a couple of moments when I really felt GF's absence.  It was a sign of progress made.

Some day 1 photos:

Giant fish tail caught along a 15 mile bike ride.  

Roadside pond.

Beach entrance.

Lowering sun.

Two girls rocking two bikes.


  1. Looks like the Vineyard? My husband and I took a trip for the first time last spring and we fell in love.

  2. holy giant fish tail! i think i'd have ridden the bike into the water, seeing that. glad you're back and glad you made this trip happen.

  3. Anon, not MV, but that was an earlier trip in that Summer of Isles. Search those posts and see if you can recognize it!

    Jenn, the seriously crazy thing was that we never actually saw the fish! We kept hearing all sorts of aquatic activity, but the thing was so fast, we never saw it. And then 'lo and behold, giant fishtail photo! Honestly, there was so much noise coming from that pond I was expecting the Lochness monster to emerge.